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We are training children mountaineering and rock climbing for 5 years!
Обучаем Альпинизму и Скалолазанью ребят со всего мира! 

Purest nature

Schools are based in ecologically clean areas of Mountain Altai and the Republic of Crimea!

Climbing training

Training program for the title and badge “Mountaineer of Russia”!

Modern education

Designing quadcopters and designing a 3D map of the area with the Kvantorium Children’s Technopark!

Learning English

Daily practice of English with an instructor from Canada Programs for intellectual and physical development. 

International Youth Mountain School  
Altai, Aktru Valley   

June 28 – July 13, 2020

Every year, from 2015, guys from all over the country go on a unique and unforgettable journey to the Aktru Valley, Mountain Altai. The participants of the shift will receive an initial mountaineering training, make ascents to peaks over 3,400 meters high, participate in real scientific research, learn English, admire the beauty of untouched nature and rest from computers and phones!

For children 10-18 years old

Program change Actru-2020

Sport programEducational unit
  • Technique of movement on different mountain terrain  
  • Climbing with top and bottom insurance  
  • Via Feratta and Multipich Classes  
  • Climbing tops over 3,400 m.  
  • Young Rescuer program  
  • Wushu and alpha gravity  
  • Daily exercise  
  • Yoga for beginners
  • English with native speaker!
  • DIY quadcopter!
  • First Aid Basics
  • Theoretical classes in mountaineering training
  • Building a 3D model of the Aktru base
  • Young Researcher courses
  • Creative development
  • Team building games and trainings

As well as games and competitions, gatherings around the campfire, songs with a guitar, evening cinema, discos and trips to the bath!

Spend your summer in the beautiful mountains of Altai!

Climbing school  
Crimea, Sudak

June 2020

Pilot project for lovers of warm rocks and sea breeze!
Accommodation in a boarding house on the Black Sea coast in a rocky area, within walking distance from the equipped beach!
Advanced climbing program! Climbing training for beginners and continuing! Climbing the route 1B and obtaining the title and badge of “Climber of Russia”  

For children 12-18 years old

Program shift Crimea – 2020

Sport programEducational unit
  • Technique of movement on different mountain terrain  
  • Climbing with top and bottom insurance         
  • Swimming in the Black Sea!  
  • Via Feratta and Multipich Classes  
  • Climbing tops of 1-2 difficulty categories  
  • Yoga for beginners
  • English with native speaker!
  • Walking, water and auto tours
  • First Aid Basics
  • Theoretical classes in mountaineering training
  • Leisure educational programs
  • Team building games and trainings

As well as swimming in the open sea on the cleanest beach! Boat tours, traditional games and competitions, campfire gatherings and songs with a guitar!

International Team


Bryk Roman

Executive Director of the Russian Mountaineering Federation. From 17 years old in the mountains, KMS on mountaineering, instructor UIAA, instructor PAR.

Ronald Whitehead

Head of the School of Mountaineering Instructors ENEQ in Canada. Organizer of youth camps. Honorary guest of the camp.

Yurkin Alexander

The master of sports in mountaineering, an instructor with 13 years of experience, Alexander teaches at the university in his free time from the mountains.

Sergeev Victor

Master of Sports in mountaineering, a rescuer of international class, instructor of the 2nd category, judge of the 1st category in mountaineering.

Eskov Ilya

Practicing surgeon, since 2011. Head of the department of the district hospital.


Animators of the tourist-pedagogical detachment will accompany the guys and give a great mood throughout the shift!

TSU teachers

Teachers at the Faculty of Geology will conduct a Young Researcher program and a Bio-Quantorium for children!

Technopark Kvantorium

Branch of the federal network of centers of additional education in the field of engineering and natural sciences.

Discounts for early bookings!

– if paid before January 1, 2020 – minus 6 000 rubles!
– before February 1 – minus 4 000 rubles!
– before April 1 – minus 2 000 rubles.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation includes: The work of instructors of international class, delivery to the desired point, the full rent of necessary equipment, medical insurance, photo support, educational and leisure program, accommodation and meals!

Mountain School, Altai

Base camp is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters! Pure nature and beautiful views!  

49 000 rub

Climbing school, Crimea

Pension on the beachfront! Private beach! Excursions to local attractions. 

49 000 rub

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Partners and organizers


Program Coordinator
Рнае Елена


+7 952 158 85 56

School leader
Астахов Сергей

Astakhov Sergey
Director of Aktru Research Station
+7 913 820 77 24